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COSMAX to Launch True Sensitive-skin Friendly Cosmetics

- Introduction of QSAR program for the first time in the cosmetics ODM industry in Korea

- Product safety maximized through the exclusion of irritating factors in ingredients and formulations

- Toner, cream, and essence to be launched in later this year

"Where can I find mild skincare products for my sensitive skin?"

The world's leading cosmetics original design manufacturer (ODM), COSMAX (Co-CEOs Choi Kyeong and Lee Byeong-man), has developed a global cosmetics safety program and will be launching a verified line of skincare products for sensitive skin.

On September 17, COSMAX revealed that the company had created a product development system in which ingredients, formulations, and customer service are geared towards sensitive skin.

Why did Cosmax launch sensitive cosmetics?

For most of the sensitive-skin products in today's cosmetics market, ingredients have been selected to fit the market trend of minimalist, single active ingredient skincare. The safety tests carried out for these products aren't much different from the dermal irritation and non-comedogenic (test to measure a product's likelihood to clog pores) tests conducted for general skincare products.

Two years ago, COSMAX strengthened the criteria for ingredient selection with the aim of developing a genuine line of products for sensitive skin. The company developed the SensiFilter™ system, which completely excludes ingredients that have been banned or restricted in South Korea, China, Europe, and other leading countries, and only utilizes verified ingredients.

COSMAX is also the first cosmetics ODM in the country to introduce the QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships) program, which analyzes an ingredient's physical and chemical structure to predict toxicity and whether it will induce an allergic reaction. Patch tests, which are performed by applying high doses of an ingredient to patches that are placed on skin, are also conducted to determine whether specific ingredients will cause allergic inflammation.

What efforts have been made to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product?

Park Sae-rom, leader of the company's safety and efficacy research team said, "We have put a great deal of effort into developing products that are highly safe and effective, without the addition of fragrances, essential oils and surfactants, which can be irritating to the skin. Our lab results for our products have shown a moisture improvement rate of 150 to 200 percent that lasts eight hours or more."

During the formulation development stage for the sensitive-skin products, the formula undergoes a seven-step safety-testing process, which includes usage testing, allergy testing, and efficacy testing via animal testing alternatives. In the stage where effects such as skin soothing and long-lasting moisturization were evaluated, high standards were applied to raise the quality of the products.

What is the outlook for sensitive cosmetics in modern society?

Park Myeong-sam, director of COSMAX's R&I Center said, "Due to the increasing severity of environmental pollution and the frequency of pandemics, our skin is becoming more and more exposed to irritants. In the coming post-COVID-19 'new normal' era, skincare for sensitive skin will receive even more attention."

COSMAX's three-product basic line, consisting of toner, cream, and essence, will be made available later on this year via COSMAX's client companies.

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