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D-Panthenol and Its Benefits for Skin and Hair

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Have you ever thought about what makes your hair so soft and smooth after applying conditioner? Or how your skin gets so hydrated after putting on moisturizer? The answer is D-Panthenol! This ingredient is found in many beauty products to make them much more effective and give you lovely skin and luscious hair. The next time you go shopping, check the ingredients list of your favorite products. Chances are, you’ll see D-Panthenol listed, or one of its other names: Provitamin B5, butanamide, or d-pantothenic alcohol.

Want to learn more about the moisturizing nutrient? Continue reading to learn more about D-Panthenol and its excellent benefits for skin and hair.

What is D-Panthenol?

D-Panthenol is an ingredient made from Pantothenic acid, otherwise known as Vitamin B5, commonly used in haircare, skin, baby, and cosmetic products. Produced from plants and animals, D-Panthenol acts as a moisturizing agent in cosmetic products such as facial creams, moisturizers, conditioners, and hair mousses to promote smoother skin and shinier hair. The powerful ingredient acts as a humectant to retain and preserve water, and as an emollient to soothe and soften. These two tools work together to create healthier skin and hair overall.

Because it is derived from an important vitamin such as B5, it only makes sense that D-Panthenol is so popular within the beauty community. With so many cosmetic companies using this key ingredient in their products, it must be incredibly effective.

What is D-Panthenol Used For?

As mentioned above, D-Panthenol has many uses in the beauty industry. It is prized for its extremely moisturizing properties and effectiveness within skincare, haircare, makeup, and baby products.


It's no surprise that D-Panthenol is used in plenty of skincare. A few of the types of products that can be found using D-Panthenol include


D-Panthenol is also the main activator in haircare, to treat dryness and limpness. A few of the ways the nutrient is also implemented into hair products are:

  • Shampoos

  • Conditioners

  • Leave-in conditioners

  • Hair masks

  • Mousse

  • Hair creams

  • Gels


In order to achieve the shine and moisturizing properties of mascara and foundation, D-Panthenol is additionally used in makeup products. It is for a good reason that the cosmetics industry also takes advantage of the benefits of D-Panthenol! These makeup products include:

  • Mascara

  • Foundations

  • Lipsticks

  • Eyeliners

Baby Products

Even babies can reap the benefits of Vitamin B5! Baby products with D-Panthenol work to treat annoyances such as eczema and diaper rash. Some products for the little ones are:

  • Baby moisturizing creams

  • Healing ointments

  • Diaper rash creams

  • Face creams

  • Treatments for acne or drool rashes

  • Daily lotions

Is D-Panthenol Natural?

D-Panthenol is a chemical substance found naturally in plants and in animals. So yes, it is natural. It is derived organically from pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and its many uses to treat dermatological conditions are completely naturally occurring. Nature is amazing, isn’t it?

Is D-Panthenol Safe?

The vitamin-derived nutrient is beneficial and natural, but is it safe? Yes. According to the US FDA, D-Panthenol is generally considered safe when used properly. As with any skincare, hair, or cosmetic product, it is recommended to patch-test to avoid any unfortunate surprises. Bad side effects are rare, but it is best to always take precautions when adding a new product into your routine.

Benefits of D-Panthenol

Now for the big question, what are the skin and hair benefits of D-Panthenol? Is the ingredient really all that great? Short answer is yes, D-Panthenol is just as essential and beneficial in skincare and haircare as it seems. Read below for the many benefits!

Skin Benefits:

  • Binds to and retains water (humectant + emollient)

  • Moisturizes and softens

  • Leaves skin smoother and more supple

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties

  • Activates the proliferation of cells that are important for wound healing

  • Restores the function of the skin barrier

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

  • Anti-redness

  • Nourishes skin

Hair Benefits:

  • Maintains moisture while preventing dryness

  • Natural humectant (retains and locks in moisture)

  • Aids in balancing moisture

  • Increases fullness and volume

  • Emollient (acts as a smoother and softener)

  • Strengthens hair

  • Improves texture and appearance of damaged hair

  • Hydrates scalp

As you can see above, D-Panthenol has more than just a few benefits for your hair and skin. The b-complex vitamins combined activate in beauty products to seriously improve the overall appearance and natural glow of your skin and hair.

OEM D-Panthenol Skincare Products

If you’re looking to source OEM beauty products that provide the added benefits of D-Panthenol, we recommend the Natural Skin Defense skincare line by COSMAX, which contains the hydrating D-Panthenol nutrient in every product. This ingredient adds moisture, helps nourish, and seals hydration by boosting the skin barrier.

The Natural Skin Defense cream, the Balancing Moisture Jelly, is a jelly-like skincare product that strengthens the moisture barrier under the skin with the properties within. The cream has a hydrogel texture, is made with all-natural plant oils, and is free of alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, and fragrances.

Next in the lineup is the essence or toner. This Natural Skin Defense Toner supports the skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving skin healthier and more balanced. The toner has an easily-absorbable watery texture that keeps your skin moisturized all day long.

COSMAX’s Balancing Anti-redness Serum strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier that has been weakened by life’s unavoidable stressors. It helps reduce skin’s sensitivity and signs of aging such as dry patches, dullness, and dehydration. With a hydro-gel texture and microbiome technology, this serum will help relieve and repair irritated skin.

From smooth and hydrated skin to full and shiny hair, the benefits of D-Panthenol are many. The popular ingredient is not taken for granted in the beauty industry today and is commonly found throughout beauty products, especially haircare and skincare to rapidly improve hydration, moisture, and general appearance.

If you’d like to know more about working with COSMAX, the world’s No.1 ODM manufacturer for K-beauty & health products, send us your enquiry today.

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