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Discover The Benefits of Agatri For Glowing Skin

The collagen-boosting and anti-aging powerhouse

With an increased interest in all-natural and vegan products surrounding the skincare and cosmetics community, "inner beauty" has become the latest trend in the industry. This term refers to taking beauty supplements to target skin issues, transforming it from the inside out.

Many consumers have turned to health supplements to improve their overall appearance instead of only using topical skincare and cosmetics. With the rising trend of consumable beauty products, COSMAX has introduced a plant-based ingredient called Agatri, derived from Korean mint, a native Asian herb. This all-natural ingredient uses its soothing botanical properties to lessen signs of aging, reduce sun damage, increase collagen synthesis and more.

Continue reading below to learn about Agatri extract, Korean mint (Agastache rugosa), and the benefits they can provide when added to a skincare routine.

What is Agatri?

Obtained from the all-natural herb Korean Mint, Agatri is an extract that contains several benefits for your overall skin health and appearance. The antioxidant-filled extract fights off aging by:

  • Repressing the formation of wrinkles

  • Increasing skin elasticity

  • Promoting collagen synthesis

  • Protecting against skin damage from ultraviolet rays

  • Preventing trans-epidermal water loss

  • Improving skin hydration

One study reported that Agatri improved the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is known to increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, lines, and scarring. Additionally, it was shown to decrease matrix metalloproteinases, which cause photoaging within the skin.

Photoaging is the result of sun damage. This form of aging is entirely preventable by using sunscreen or wearing protective clothing, and the appearance of photoaging can be reduced with the use of anti-aging products. The formulated health supplement Agatri can be ingested in many forms such as powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, jelly, and gummy, making it a seamless addition to any beauty and skincare routine. Perfect for those looking to reduce signs of aging as well as protecting against UV exposure, Agatri extract uses all of the skincare benefits from the herb from which it was derived, Korean mint.

What Is Korean Mint?

Also known as Agastache rugosa, Korean mint is a traditional medicinal plant native to China, Vietnam, Laos, Korea and Japan, where it has been used as herbal medication for centuries. The plant contains a plethora of anti-oxidant, anti-melanogenic, anti-atherogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties which are used to treat a variety of health ailments, from nausea, poor digestion, fungal infections, headaches, and even cancer.

The leaves can be consumed raw or cooked, brewed as tea, sprinkled on salad, or as an ingredient in creams, soaps and masks.

Skin Benefits of Korean mint

Along with the numerous health benefits of Korean mint, there is also a list of ways it can improve your skin’s health and appearance. Below are just a few of the skin benefits of Korean mint:

Reduces photoaging

Aging is an inevitable and necessary part of life, but photoaging(sun damage) can be prevented or reduced. Agastache rugosa has been demonstrated to exhibit anti-photoaging effects when used to treat ultraviolet (UVB) radiation damage.

Barrier protective

Every day, the skin barrier works to protect the skin against irritants, allergens, and microbes floating around in the air. However, if an issue with the barrier arises and it becomes penetrable, skin conditions like eczema and inflammation may occur. Korean mint has the ability to protect the skin barrier to keep it strong and prevent any harmful irritants from entering the skin.


Allergens, extreme temperatures and stress can all cause uncomfortable skin inflammation. Studies have shown that Korean mint is an anti-inflammatory and may help soothe irritated and uncomfortable skin.


Wrinkle formation is not just exclusive to getting older. It can be caused by environmental pollution, UV irradiation, and overconsumption of alcohol, among other factors. However, if induced by UVB irradiation, Agastache rugosa contains properties that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


UV, pollution, and other environmental aggressors can cause oxidative damage on the skin’s surface. Antioxidants found in Korean mint may protect the outside layer of the skin against disruptive free radicals.

Promotes the production of collagen

As the main protein found in the body’s structural tissue, collagen plays a big role in anti-aging, skin elasticity, and stretchiness. Too much exposure to sunlight can slow down the production of collagen, making skin age faster. Collagen synthesis greatly improves with the use of Agastache rugosa in a beauty routine.

Skin hydration & transepidermal water loss

The weather, not drinking sufficient water, harsh skincare products and lack of sleep are all possible causes of dehydrated skin. Agastache rugosa recovers skin moisture by improving hydration and transepidermal water loss (water that evaporates through skin to the external environment).


UVB-induced erythema, or redness, has been shown to be reduced with the use of Agastache rugosa. Redness can be the result of acne, an allergic reaction, or in some cases, a skin disorder.


UV-oxidated stress on your skin can result in hyperpigmentation; brown, black, pink or red spots on the skin’s surface. One study found that the appearance of the small spots on the skin can be lessened when including Korean mint as a form of treatment.

Is Agatri™ Safe?

Perfectly safe! Agatri has been approved as an "Individually recognized functional ingredient for skin health” by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea in 2020. The anti-aging ingredient is extracted from a raw material native to Korea, Agastache rugosa, and has been used internationally, proving its effectiveness.

Multiple studies have demonstrated its useful nature when treating an array of skin conditions. The extract is excellent for its antioxidant effects, protection against skin damage by ultraviolet rays, wrinkle suppression, skin hydration, and skin elasticity improvements. Additionally, Agatri has a variety of functions including skin barrier enhancement, whitening effects, skin moisturizing, collagen production and antioxidation. For more information on COSMAX Agatrisupplements, click here.

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