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What is Private Label Cosmetics?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

If you have ever wanted to create an affordable, customized, and high-quality experience in your beauty business, private label cosmetics may be the perfect option for you. These beauty products are manufactured by a third-party company but sold under your brand name and with your desired packaging, branding and design.

Private labelling is a great option for retailers looking to take a product to market under their own branding. Using private label cosmetics can avoid the astronomical prices that often come with investing in your own cosmetics production line.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of private labelling.

Benefits of Private Labelling

Why create your own personal brand of cosmetics? There are several benefits of working with a private label manufacturer to build your business and expand your brand. Plus, you aren’t the first to consider private labelling. Big companies all over the world choose private labels to save money and increase the production rate. Just a few of the benefits of private labelling your cosmetics include cost affordability, fast production time, increased sales revenue, and the fact that it is so easy to start!

Affordable Solution

Whether you are a start-up or an international retailer, the affordability of private label cosmetics is an amazing benefit that is hard to pass up. Creating your own beauty products from scratch is a long process that involves hiring a whole team to test and retest beauty products until the perfect formula is discovered. Outsourcing your beauty products to a company of experts is the best investment you could make when dealing with cosmetic creation. Private labelling also allows you to launch a new business immediately and without heavy investment instead of trying to figure out the perfect product formula.

Fast Production Time

Businesses large and small alike often run into a similar problem: lack of time! And in business, time equals money. Branding and marketing are already time-consuming enough, and using your precious time to make beauty products from scratch is a recipe for a year-long lab experiment. Private label companies already have everything you need to create the best-formulated cosmetic product for you within days. Especially within the cosmetic industry which has lipsticks and eyeshadows of almost every shade, the amount of time searching for a specific colour can be dramatically cut down.

Increase Your Sales Revenue

Choosing to private label your own cosmetics line can be a very profitable decision for existing retail businesses too. Private label products are almost always more profitable than their wholesale counterparts because it’s easier to keep costs down. With private labelling, you can increase revenue while simply adding your brand and design onto a product that has already been made. Of course, you’ll still need to think carefully about product positioning in order to compete with established brands but for retailers with existing sales channels who’ve done their homework, including private labels in their portfolio can be a way to elevate those tight profit margins and get ahead of the competition.

Best of All… It’s So Easy to Start

One of the best things about choosing to go the private label route is that once you find a trustworthy company to work with, it all goes upwards from there. Finding a company with expertise in this field is the most important decision when it comes to private labelling. A great company will already have amazing cosmetic formulas for you to choose from so that you can focus on the other important stuff, like packaging, labelling and design.

How to Find the Best Private Label Company for You

Navigating among all the private label cosmetics manufacturers can be overwhelming. How do you know which one will work best with you? The best way to choose a manufacturer for your cosmetics is to book consultations. Communicating with your shortlisted partners and discussing your goals, budget, expected time frame and needs can help you decide if you will be a good fit.

The Next Step

After deciding to work with a certain manufacturer, you can begin to test out the cosmetic products they offer. Before ordering large quantities and selling the beauty products to your customers, you want to be sure that this product represents you and your brand well, and that you approve of the quality. Remember that if you wouldn’t use the product or wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, why would you sell it to a customer? Often, your private label partner will also work with you to create the best-looking designs for your product. Working together, you create packaging, labels, designs, colour and graphics that fully embody your brand to make your vision a reality. It is important to let your brand be set apart from other beauty products and cosmetics.

Why Partner with Cosmax?

In the search for a trustworthy and quality private label company, Cosmax could be the best choice for you and your cosmetics. A global number 1 research, development and production business group for cosmetics and supplements, Cosmax is a great option if you are looking to scale your beauty business to another level.

  • A Korean research and technology company with many pioneering innovations in the field of cosmetics, Cosmax is the world's number 1 ODM Manufacturer of beauty and health products.

  • We work with 600 global beauty companies. Many of our partners are household names, including 15 of the world's top 20 beauty companies.

  • One-quarter of the 7 billion people of the world are already using products manufactured Cosmax. This is a true testament to the consistent quality that the company provides.

  • Our factories are located in 7 different cities globally, which means more convenience for your business. From Texas to Bangkok, we have factories to create the perfect cosmetic products for you.

  • Cosmax has a global supply chain with materials from over 1,300 companies located in 30 different countries. This means we can find an optimal and cost-effective solution for businesses everywhere.

Want to find out more about partnering with us? Get in touch!

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