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Safety is one of the most important facts for a healthy life.

We need to consider the safety of cosmetics that we come in contact everyday in our daily life.
COSMAX places the highest priority on consumer safety and strives to ensure safety at all stages from raw material selection to product production.

Regulation is the key to safeguard product safety.

The regulations are built based on each country’s circumstances. COSMAX reviews not only their own country’s regulations, but also each country’s requirements on a regular basis.

Cosmetic products are easily accessible to all various people. However, some ingredients in products can have irritation reactions on certain people.

It is important to find out what causes this, but also to acknowledge the potential risk is also important too. To prevent potential risk, COSMAX performs Preservative test, Micro test, Heavy Metal, Allergen analysis, and RIPT test.

COSMAX products are controlled from raw material to finished good by reviewing documents, checking regulations, and performing safety test to guarantee product safety.

Select Raw Material

Safety of Raw Materials

COSMAX selects a supplier who can provide proper information to ensure product safety.

We communicate to suppliers that they provide consistent quality of material from starting to finished good aligning with our safety guidelines.
COSMAX document control process requires updated information of each raw material. Such as: composition, impurity, etc. to follow up with global regulation changes.
This is a promise between raw material supplier and COSMAX, but it’s also a consumer safety activity.

We believe using safe raw materials consequently make safe products.

Can I use this material?

R & I chemists choose new raw material before applying in formula based on 5 COSMAX’s criteria.


Following countries’

regulations and customer’s

black list


Qualification as cosmetic ingredients

Consumer Preference

Find what customer wants

Differentiation by Own development

COSMAX exclusive materials 


Selection of suppliers and raw materials to provide continuous products

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What should I check?

1st Step  : review documentation in compliant with regulations and customer’s guideline
2nd Step : experiment for new development

COSMAX’s Own point of View!


Compliancy review based on Composition, Allergens, Impurity, etc. “IFRA + Targeted Country + Customer”

Review raw material documents

RM information for safety COSMAX RMI (Raw Material Information) review

Raw Material Safety Test

Full Safety Check for Raw Materials











What is Raw Material Information(RMI)?

Completed by manufacturer which includes basic information, global inventory, impurity, etc. to review against current global regulations.

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Based on documents availability, the usable range will be specified according to the raw material level. The evaluation of the classified raw materials will be applied according to the customer's requirements.

COSMAX raw material classification management “Customized Service”

Improve development efficiency by systematically dividing the usable range of raw materials based on the safety and compliance standards of raw materials.

Results of safety evaluation

Scope of compliance

Raw material documents level

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Preservative System

Why do we need preservatives in cosmetics?

  • Infected Hair Follicle

  • Ringworm by fungal infection

  • Toxic microbial metabolites

  • Barrier destruction of the skin

  • Poor Quality

  • Discoloration/odor generation

  • Layer separation due to oil demulsification, difference in texture

Minimize Irritation

It is an important to use right amount of preservative to minimize irritation.
Some preservatives can cause allergic reaction or disorders of the endocrine system.

We consider preservative level in products which directly affects the product safety. PET tests are performed on for all types of products which have a chance to grow microorganisms.

COSMAX is trying to minimize side effects with using preservatives.

COSMAX’s safety preservative system

01. How we select new preservative

02. Use in combination with a preservative that is effective in controlling bacteria and mold, having high antibacterial activity, and hypoallergenic preservative

Safety Check

Product Safety

The regulation is a promise to provide safe cosmetics and implement the safety and policies of each nation.
Although each country and manufacturer has different regulations, COSMAX has a system that complies with each customer’s policy. 
It is important to keep promises with customers.

Full safety test are performed at the development stage to ensure product safety.
These results will are then used to make sure final product is safe.

Full Safety Check

Regulatory Review


Formula compliancy review based on targeted market and customer guideline.

Microbial Usability Test


Microbial contamination test of the product.

Package Compatibility Test


Confirm Package material and formula compatible and stable.

Safety Test


Safety product suggestions & provide proper documents.

Residual Proteins & Alkaloid Analysis of Plant Extracts


Analyzing residual proteins & Alkaloid from plant extracts can cause side effects.

Package Compatibility Test Data Analysis


Based on compatibility test results, predictions on reactions between packaging and bulk.

In-Silico Method


Utilize latest technology to evaluate product safety.

Heavy Metal Test


Confirm any harmful heavy metal exist exceed level in product.



Repeatable patch test on human skin to confirm irritation.

Preservative Test


Confirm efficacy of preservative.

Impurity / Allergen Test


Confirm any impurity/Allergen material exist exceed level in product.

In Vitro Test


In lieu of animal testing, to confirm safety test.

Post Management

Ensuring continuous safety through post management

Regularly check product safety, even after the product is shipped and distributed.
The safety evaluation values ​​may differ depending on the changes in regulations and the safety management level of raw materials and products.

Consumers feedback also can be used to evaluate product safety.
We continuously strive to listen to and appreciate the consumer's evaluation of our products.

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