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Air Cloud


COSMAX exclusive, the Air Cloud™ sponge is a unique, elastic sponge with a smooth touch that allows a thin and uniform application to the skin. It is the next-generation cushion technology that effectively holds the formulation in air-pocket cells to release an optimum amount each time and lasts longer by preventing any evaporation of the formulation. It can be formulated in various skin colors, finishes, and coverages, and enhances the complexion by brightening up the skin and improving wrinkles.

Applicable product types : 

Sun cushion, BB cushion, CC cushion, primer cushion, foundation cushion, base cushion, blusher cushion, highlighter cushion, bronzer cushion



The Air Cloud Macro Cooling technology is a cushion foundation formulation technology that gives, upon application, a moisturizing and refreshing, water-break feel. It provides a cooling sensation and soothes the irritated skin exposed to UV rays in the spring. The large moisture particles offer an instant cooling sensation and breathable texture, while 70% or more of its contents are comprised of the essence to deliver a refreshing and smooth finish, with no greasy after-feel.

Primary benefits : 

Instant cooling sensation, skin soothing effect, moisturization, refreshing texture (contains 70% essence), smooth finish, without a greasy feel



Air Cloud-Cotton Fix is a cushion formulation technology that allows excellent adherence with lightweight application that results in long-wear, featuring high coverage and a soft-focus finish. Spherical powders in various sizes and elastomer gels fill in the skin to form a thin layer, delivering excellent coverage and a smooth skin look. 

Primary benefits : 

Fast setting and excellent adhesion, excellent pore-covering, soft-focus finish, light texture, long-wear property



The Air Cloud Tone-up sun technology is an SPF cushion formulation technology with the high SPF level of SPF 50+, PA++++. It uses hypoallergenic UV protectants made of 100% minerals and calamine powders with skin-soothing and color-correcting effects, providing UV protection as well as a skin-brightening effect. 

Primary benefits : 

Hypoallergenic UV protectants made of 100% minerals, SPF 50+, PA++++, skin-soothing and color-correcting effects, refreshing texture

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