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HYA Cleansing Foam

100 / 120 / 150 ml

Lab No. 400004007328

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HYA Cleansing Foam

Sulfate-free cleanser formula, it provide deep cleansing with creamy lather which generated foam from silky texture help to removing impurity & makeup residue

#Deep cleansing #Whipped foam 

Lab No. 



Key Feathures

Fruit mix: 5 natural AHAs
HYA: skin moisture
Vit E: anti-oxidant

Free Claim

Fragrance Free
Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Ethanol Free
Non animal test
No Artificial Colors

Packing Material

Tube : EVOH (5 layer) 
Cap : PP 4 offset colors 
Dia 40 x 140 mm.

Decoration Spec

Sleeve : 2 Silkscreen printed
White Tue and Cap


100 / 120 / 150 ml


Possible to change the fragrance / color of the formula / concept ingredient. 
This might affect the cost.

FG Price


Estimated Budget

3,000 pcs

Send Inquiry

5,000 pcs

Send Inquiry

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  • More than 5,000 pcs, please contact for detail information.

Order Inquiry

MOQ 3,000 pcs
MOQ 5,000 pcs
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