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What is Microbiome Skincare?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The “forgotten organ” that plays a critical role in your skin health

You may have heard of your gut microbiome and how essential it is for your overall physical health, and the importance of taking probiotics or prebiotics and how these improve your digestive system. However, did you know that the skin has a microbiome too? If you have been dealing with acne, premature acne or dry skin, it might be associated with the skin microbiome.

If you want to learn more about what microbiome skincare is, what products to buy, and how to integrate them into your daily skincare routine, continue reading the article below!

What is the Skin Microbiome?

The term microbiome is used to describe the community of micro-organisms and their ecosystem located in your gut. The skin microbiome that we are discussing refers to the aggregate of all microbiota that resides on or within the human body.

The microbiome has various functions throughout the human body, including our skin, where it acts as a kind of a personal skin-health trainer, guiding our skin to be healthier and well-balanced. This helps the skin to combat hazardous influences from the outside environment on its own.

The skin microbiome is sometimes known as the “forgotten organ” since functionally it is absolutely essential to health much like our internal organs.

Skincare Based on Your Gut

So how can the skin microbiome be improved through skincare? As we all know, beauty comes from within, and improving your microbiome is no understatement on the subject of skin health. When you focus on healing and enhancing your skin by working with your good bacteria, rather than against it (AKA using too many cleansers, acids, etc. that can harm your skin) you will see a much more dramatic and effective difference.

We often believe that washing and exfoliating our skin and face is healthy and beneficial. However, too much washing and over-exfoliating disrupts the bacteria and microbiome in your skin, which can potentially contribute to acne, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, dandruff, and other uncomfortable skin conditions.

Microbiome-focused skincare uses science-based methodology to help protect your skin barrier against aggressors like pathogens and bad bacteria. A routine focused on balancing your microbiome will strengthen your skin and prevent dryness, sensitivity, irritation, and redness.

How to Start a Microbiome-Focused Skincare Routine

Now that it’s becoming more apparent that microbiome-based skincare isn’t just a trendy buzzword, how do you begin implementing what you have learned in your daily routine? A few things you could start doing include:

  • Supplementing your diet with gut-friendly vitamins such as prebiotics, probiotics, or postbiotics. Keep in mind, however, that the correlation between probiotics or microflora and the skin benefits are not yet clinically proven. Therefore, it’s a good idea to also add microbiome focused skincare products as well.

  • Avoiding overusing products that may be disrupting your skin biome such as cleansers, retinoids, and other abrasive treatments.

  • Using specialty skincare that focuses on strengthening the skin barrier and feeding your skin’s healthy microorganisms.

Products that Support the Skin Microbiome

Microbiome-friendly skincare is more popular now more than ever, as health-conscious individuals are looking for new ways to improve skin health. While there is a broad array of skincare lines out there dedicated to the microbiome it is important to find products with relevant and healthy ingredients, good reviews, effectiveness, and reliability.

A few products you could use to improve skin biome health include:

The Cica Serum by COSMAX, a blend of microbiome and Centella extract that calms redness and irritation within your skin. As a quick-absorbing serum, you can apply it daily after cleansing and before moisturizing. Just 2-3 drops is enough to achieve its skin-strengthening effects.

COSMAX’s Biome Essence and Blue Shot is a light toning essence with 800k ppm microbiome that boosts hydration and strengthens the skin barrier. This Biome Essence and Blue Shot combination is intended for those with drier skin in need of intense hydration.

This Night Therapy Mask by COSMAX deeply moistures skin during sleep, and contains 700k ppm microbiome ingredient. Re-balance your skin biome while you rest, and wake up with reduced redness and wrinkles.

What Sets COSMAX’s Microbiome Cosmetic Products Apart

Typically, you will find that most macrobiotics or microflora skincare products are heavily focused on promoting your gut health. While this can be wonderful for your gut, as mentioned above, it is still not yet clinically proven that there is a link between skin benefits and probiotics or microflora. Therefore, these products that you are purchasing may be great for your gut, but perhaps not your skin.

That’s where dedicated microbiome skincare products come in hand. COSMAX’s lab researchers have discovered for the first time that the presence of certain microorganisms, such as streptococcus, that are more concentrated on healthy skin, declines as the skin ages. This means that the particular microorganism’s distribution on the skin is closely related to the skin and aging.

COSMAX isolates and raw materializes that particular microbiome to curate a superb technological cosmetic product different from any other.

A New Approach to Glowing Skin

Taking care of and protecting your skin barrier is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Avoid overusing products and activities that will disrupt your microbiome in your skin, like over-exfoliating and using lathering soaps with antibacterial ingredients. Instead, introduce healthy bacteria into your skin with gentle microbiome skincare.

With new research out every year demonstrating the significance of the microbiome and your skin health, stay ahead of the game by integrating microbiome-friendly products, and let your glowing and healthy skin be the proof.

Skincare by Cosmax

COSMAX is the world’s number 1 group for ODM beauty and health products. Our company uses high-end technology to produce cosmetics that satisfy consumer needs, as well as sensibilities of the health and beauty of their skin. Utilizing the science of Korean beauty, COSMAX curates products for all of today’s skincare needs.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with COSMAX to create your own private label microbiome-friendly skincare line, get in touch with us today.

Learn more about our microbiome-friendly natural skincare products.

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