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Ginseng has been a key ingredient in oriental medicine, and recently it has entered the limelight as a natural ingredient known for its effectiveness in preventing skin aging. Ginsenology™ is at the core of oriental medicine technologies of COSMAX, which encompasses all the knowledge and technologies of ginseng, in addition to technology that includes Korean anti-aging. It applies the most cutting edge processing technologies and analysis methods to get the most out of traditional oriental medicine materials, using various ginseng materials including: white ginseng, red ginseng, black ginseng, gold flower ginseng, and pure blue ginseng. COSMAX also identifies the effectiveness of each ginseng type and develops products accordingly, providing the most inclusive solutions for anti-aging. 

Applicable product types : 

All skincare products and skincare + makeup hybrid products, inner beauty

Primary benefits : 

anti-aging, skin-elasticity improvement, wrinkle reduction, skin regeneration, eczema-safe, sensitive skin-safe

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