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Scenteritage®, which means reproducing historical fragrances, is the unique aromatics technology of COSMAX. Through live flower fragrance reproduction technology, its mission is to restore the unique and special scents that are vividly alive in the history of Korea. This unique heritage fragrance development process from COSMAX encompasses plum tree flowers, crepe-myrtle flowers, and more. COSMAX organically reviews global laws and regulations, as well as the stories, concepts, palatability, formulation stability, and level of completion to present solutions for high-quality K-fragrance. 

Scenteritage® Fragrance Archive
Royal Green Floral
Wind Watery Floral
Noble Fruity Floral
Velvet Modern Floral
Black Pine Woody

Applicable product types : 

Various fragrant products such as perfume, shower cologne, roll on perfume, diffuser.  All products including all skincare, makeup and personal products

Primary benefits : 

Reproduction of the fragrance of natural flowers, discovery of K-fragrance stories, psychological and physiological effects

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